Sunday, 16 February 2014

Colour/Color Gradation painting with collage

 Painting light to dak on outside of vessels and opposite on inside of vessels.

First did tonal drawings using HB and 2B pencils.

Lesson idea from 'Arte e Scoula' blog.

Cut out painted shapes and glued onto collage created with torn newspapres.

Monday, 10 February 2014

The Art Circle

Drawings inspired by Rembrandt

I taught the children how to trace an outline of the Rembrandt drawing using carbon paper.

They then used the Rembrandt to observe how to add shading and texture.

to gain an understanding of creating depth and interest in the drawing.

Rembrandt managed to make the pencil marks look like the texture of the elephants skin!

Tropical fish and watercolour techniques


 We first did a set of x6 circles and filled them with different water colour techniques.

  1. wet on wet - bleeding
  2. wet on dry 
  3. colour gradation and blending
  4. dry onto wet
  5. blotting with dry tissue
  6. brushmarks

 Then we drew three large fish on watercolour paper. Added smaller fish and corals using references from books on natural forms.

Painted the tropical fish compositions using the watercolour techniques tried out in the first exercise.

Those that finished early did some shell paintings and drawings.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Pop art ice cream cones

Pop Art inspired drawings. 5-12 year olds

Drawing ice cream cones with different media.
Felt tips, charcoal, wax and watercolour, and chalk pastels.
Adding shading on one side of the ice cream.

Tulips and Jugs

Line Drawings from Observation.
We drew a grid in the background on a canvas.
Added line drawing of Jugs and Tulips
Painted still life using contrasting colours.

Paintings inspired by Casper David Friedrich

Paintings inspired by Casper David Friedrich.

We discussed Friedrich's motivation, wanting to show that the spiritual or divine could be found in nature. He often painted figures with their backs to the viewer admiring the magnificent natural scene in front of them.

We painted colour gradations, mixing and blending colours for the landscape.
Each student worked on one paper and one canvas background.

Idea found on artescoula blog.

We traced enlarged silhouettes from photocopies of Casper David Friedrich paintings, stencils and the students own designs.
Then painted the silhouettes and background details